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For parents with children from 4 to 7 years old


Children between 4 and 7 years old start to develop their personality and reach the age of reason. This stage requires much individualized attention from parents.

The course will help parents reconcile a unique upbringing with the influence of friends and family. It is now time to introduce to children the family style that each marriage creates and help channel their behaviour on the basis of the human virtues.

Each course will have a schedule once a sufficient amount of people have registered their interest (access to the forms on the right). Each course has a cost of £90 per couple.


  1. Parenting, character and temperaments
  2. Authority and discipline
  3. Education on human sexuality
  4. Play, free time and technology
  5. Work – life balance and marriage

To see the upcoming editions and enroll in one of them click here (you will be redirected to the registration website).

Includes: Registration for a 5 Case course for one couple and course materials in electronic form.

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