About our courses

Case study method

Family Enrichment courses are based on the case study method used in leading business and law schools. Love, marriage and family life are not mathematical formulas that have only one right solution. Only you and your spouse can work out what is best for your relationship and your family. Family Enrichment courses help you form your own ideas and opinions as to what is best for your family.

The case will mirror a real life situation and read like a novel, confronting you with some compelling problems. Through discussion with your spouse and other small groups of couples you will put yourself into the shoes of the protagonist of the case to find possible solutions.

You will be enriched by the ideas and solutions of many people with diverse backgrounds, personalities and expertise. The discussions and debates will force you to think widely and deeply and will foster real engagement and friendship with the other couples. A professionally trained moderator will facilitate and encourage everyone’s contributions. At the end of each case session this moderator will provide a summary and well researched input on the subject matter of that particular case. Each course consists of five cases.

Our case study method provides the tools so that people can find their own solutions to their family challenges. Our methodology is non-prescriptive yet highly effective and always has a positive outcome.


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