Shortly before the U.K. government official lockdown in March, in the interests of safety, the Board of Family Development in Great Britain decided to postpone all of our courses. Given the prolonged duration of the lockdown and the necessary cautions, a gradual easing of restrictions it is likely to be some time before face to face courses can resume. In order to overcome this uncertainty and resume activities we are presently piloting an online version of our courses which we hope to be able to offer in the very near future.

We provide resources for Enriching family life.
We help you in raising your children towards happy and meaningful lives.

Discover our courses, structured on the basis of programmes designed in accordance with the various stages of children’s development

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Our courses at a glance

Who are the FDF courses planned for?

The courses are for all couples wishing to educate their children, to promote their personal improvement and for those who want to obtain the tools to help them achieve these goals.

What objectives are sought?

The objective of our courses is to make the role of parents more “professional”. By professionalism we mean fostering responsibility, freedom and love, enabling the family to perform its crucial role.

What do the courses consist of?

The FDF courses are structured on the basis of programmes designed in accordance with the various stages of children’s development; the marital love course includes the most important aspects in it.

How long do these courses last?

Courses take place over several sessions, on a monthly or fortnightly basis, or, on special occasions, by accumulating several sessions over a few weekends.

our Courses

First Steps£90

First Steps

First Letters£90

First Letters

First Decisions£90

First Decisions

Early Teens£90

Early Teens



Marital Love£90

Marital Love

Personal Project£80

Personal Project

Held in London!XX International Family Enrichment Congress – October 19-20

At the heart of London with more than 1,000 participants from 70 countries and all continents and regions, the World Congress of Family Enrichment was celebrated. 

More about the congress

Course testimonials

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“The sessions were fantastic occasions to meet very nice people, having very in-depth discussions, and also socialise”

“The last case was particularly beneficial in stressing on the importance of couples being the priority in the marriage”

“The moderators were extremely experienced, specifically in terms of ‘life/first hand’ experience which is the one, I believe, that really matters and can be of help to others”

“The moderators were very prepared people, very sensitive experts; able to develop all the cases in real terms and situations.”

“…everything has been arranged in a very professional and friendly way. Well done.”

“Very good; Maria Kemp was especially fantastic! They kept to the facts of the case and engaged everyone.”

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